Day 1 – October 2nd

Right after the official opening of the event, there were 3 conferences scheduled for this day and here they are as chronologically presented.

Hazzim Anaya & David Domínguez – «Free Software in the University of Chihuahua»
Abstract: Hazzim and David talked about how the University first started using and teaching free software within its school plans. They also showed how costs have been reduced in the university due to the implementation of Thin Clients.

Hazzim Anaya

David Domínguez

Both being recognized by the University.

Iván Chavero – «Free Software in Chihuahua’s businesses»
Abstract: Iván talked about his experience implementing free software solutions in the community, how he does think it has influenced our society and how free software is seen from outside. A delightful lecture !!!

Iván Chavero

A view from the audience

Another shot of Iván

Expressing his joy

Leonel Núñez – «Patching bugs in Ubuntu»
Abstract: Leonel talked about the procedure to report, track, fix, package and publish the solution when a bug appears in this distribution. This was definitively the must technical conference we attended and it was very interesting.

Leonel Núnez
Explaining with practical exercises
Being recognized

Day 1 concluded satisfactorily. After reviewing the activities of the day, the team headed to a local pub to shake the stress away 🙂

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