Fedora Talk @ COPI – May ’09

I was invited by the College of IT Professionals to have a little talk about our project. It was held during the monthly session of the College at a local restaurant.

The presentation that I employed was the one that introduces to the project with a few updates, mainly on statistics.

Audience showed great interest and a lot of questions arose , which I gladly try to answer. Many of them on our project and several others on Free Software.

Being this a society of IT professionals whose members are deeply involved with ITs, this was definitely a different talk. There was a different approach since the audience was actually being productive, working, providing solutions, suggesting technologies and I’d like to think that their viewpoint was widened.

There was another interesting talk by Adan Salazar -member of the internet society- focused on the internet regulation which was very, very enriching. It was very amazing to get to know so many inner facts of the Internet.

/me being introduced

Some members of the College

More attendees

Reviewing the Talking Points

The President of the College

A pic for the local press !!

Adan Salazar at his Internet Regulation Talk

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