Day 3 – October 4th

Only one event scheduled

Richard Stallman – «The Free Software movement»
Abstract: Richard Stallman started the Free software movement back in 1984 working on a project aimed to build a Unix-like operating system containing exclusively non-propietary components. He and his team of hackers started building compilers, debuggers, editors and other tools under a project called GNU.
With the development of a new kernel by Linus Torvalds and joining both efforts, today we can have operating systems derived from the joint of GNU and Linux.

Waiting shoeless for the event to start

and there he goes…

Would he be this fresh after his 2 hour speech?

A crowded conference room

St. Ignucius from the church of emacs
Answering questions from the audience
Auctioning a Gnu Sandino, Alvaro and me @ ring-side Wow!! RMS has one of those just like me!!!
Signing my book Bald-power??? My new Best Friends

After three days of intense work, the only thing that remains is the satisfaction of having the job done and had it done well.
From this point there shall be new challenges to face, when that happens I know I can count on every single one of these fine people and with the whole of them as well.

Once again all my gratitude and love to everyone involved. Thanks for your support and enthusiasm and Happy Hacking!!!

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