Festival GNU – Preparations

The purpose of this page is to illustrate the facility that hosted the event, the internal distribution, the ambientation, decorations and the Fedora presence inside the building.

It also contains some pictures about the official opening of the event.

The host: University of Chihuahua

At registration Desk

A plasma for the audience next to a Fedora Banner.

Another view of the banner

Girls at the souvenirs shop. Thanks a lot for all your support 😉

The Director of the College @ inaugural speech

The General Secretary of the University of Chihuahua

I must say that all the issues needed to be taken care of were covered by the very, very professional staff at the University.  I didn’t have to worry for the banner or the shop, the plasmas, stage, lighting, and everything. Photographers, receptionists, drivers, and everyone in the staff did an excellent job. They even gave me -without asking- the banner to keep it for further events.

Hospitality was overwhelming and I simply don’t have enough words to thank them all.

In order to have an stronger presence, we had some promotional items prepared for the event, summarizing:

  • 400 Fedora Stickers
  • 100 T-shirts
  • 40 knit hats
  • 4 Fedora/Linux related books

Thanks to the excellent Art Team for your work and beautiful designs.

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