Day 2 – October 3th

No big complications for the starting of day 2, so everything went smooth and as planned.

Sandino Araico – «Free as in Beer»
Abstract: Sandino focused his speech in trying to explain how shall free software be undestood given the ambiguity of the english word «free», with a lot of references to the word «beer» 🙂 . He also explained the responsibilities that freedom implies and how free software plays in this field.

A brief introduction of Sandino

Explaining some advantages of Free software, here talking about shortening the dev time

A view from the audience
Posing proudly for the cammera

Alejandro Acosta – «Introduction to the Fedora Project»
Abstract: The speech was focused in explaining to the audience what is Fedora and what do we do at Fedora project. In a following part I tried to explain briefly the situation of the project in México and why is it important to join a project led by the community. I also spoke a little about the FreeMedia program and the impact it produces in locations or individuals without access to broadband. Finally, some presents were given away on a raffle.
As stated early, I received a lot of support from many colleagues at Fedora project, the slideshow was based in a presentation by Rahul and some graphics were taken from a presentation from Chitlesh.

Starting the presentation, introduction slide showing

A view from the audience

Wearing proudly my battle uniform (Fedora polo and tennis shoes)

Man, that spot light was annoying !
What was I going to say next ???? Stating the differences between Fedora and RHEL
A view from the audience Then you do it… Reading a post in my blog
The number of attendees exceeded our expectations!! Powered by Fedora The Director of the Collegue giving me a Diploma
That felt good! At the raffle, A dummies series book based on Fedora Another prize for quick answerers
A happy winner Happier The happiest
A Fedora knit hat for the winter time Giving away some souvenirs, Fedora Stickers among them More Fedora stickers
Who are these kids and why are they calling me Daddy?? My greatest reward !!

Alvaro López – «SuperFast web with Cherokee»
Abstract: Alvaro comes (was brought) from Spain and he is the creator of the Cherokee Web Server. No one is more qualified to speak about it than him. Both his project and his speech were very, very interesting!!.

Alvaro López starting his presentation. Cherokee mascot at background.
A live demo
Explaining some difference between Free Software and Open Source

Discussion panel with all participants
Abstract: At the end of day two, a discussion panel was scheduled to talk about some common issues discussed in previous presentations. Given the random distribution of participants, the event was later named «Bald Power» VS others.
Bald to the left, others to the right Fedora participating shutdown -h now

Day 2 concluded even more satisfactorily. Audience number increased surprisingly but happily. The only remaining thing was to wait for main event on Saturday and hope everything goes fine as so far. Again, after reviewing the activities of the day, the team headed to a(nother) local pub to shake the stress away 🙂

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