FLISoL 2009 Chihuahua

This edition of FLISoL was focused on getting the new linux users to accomplish more tasks beyond installation. We were working on letting the new users know how to do the things that they normally do with other operating systems so we set several workshops for different levels of users.

For the new users there was an specific workshop on getting things done with linux given by Oswaldo Villa A.K.A. villatux where he explained some configurations, tune-ups and programs to work with linux.

For users of intermediate level I presented a workshop on creating remixes with Fedora. My presentation was based on previous ones from the community with the work of Paul Frields, Clint Savage and Karsten Wade. Beside translating it, I also added some slides to illustrate the use or the tool known as Revisor. Even though the attendance for this particular workshop wasn’t the greatest, it was very pleasant to see that all attendees were (are) big Fedora fans and enthusiasts. We created our own personalized distro and gave it a spin in a USB-Live. Results were very satisfying. Presentation can be found here.

For the advanced user group there was a workshop on Asterisk given by Arturo Ochoa who travelled 370 kilometers from Ciudad Juárez just to be with us at Flisol. This particular workshop had a very special interest and many people attended it.

There was also an Install Fest based on OpenSolaris and using VirtualBox by Alejandra Fierro who is the local Sun’s Campus Ambassador and an excellent friend as well.

Finally, when all the workshops finished, people moved to a bigger room and gathered for a lecture on OpenSolaris and its new features presented by Alejandra Fierro. The event then was closed and satisfaction could be witnessed reflecting in the faces of all participants and attendees.

All my gratitude to all the people who made this possible, specially to the people at Chihuahua’s LUG called The Gluch and to the University of Chihuahua for the facilities.

Starting the remixes workshop

Theory goes first

Adjusting some bolts and nuts


Demostrating the tool

more on assisting

Testing the recently created USB Live

People attending other workshops

Arturo Ochoa @ Astersik workshop

Alejandra Fierro on OpenSolaris

More on OpenSolaris

Oswaldo Villa

2 Responses to FLISoL 2009 Chihuahua

  1. Alex, una vez mas tuve la oportunidad de coolaborar contigo y realmente es un placer, eres una persona de la cual he aprendido mucho, no solamente de FOSS sino de calidad humana y amor a lo que uno hace.

    Gracias por todo el apoyo para la realización de FLISOL y sigamos adelante con muchos mas proyectos…

    Un abrazotee!!

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