FLISoL 2009 Tec de Delicias

Held in Delicias City, 80 kilometers south of Chihuahua -my hometown-, at the Institute of Technology on April 24th, 2009.
Estimated attendance of 200 people. This was the first time a FOSS related event was held an this institute, and the attendees showed a lot of interest and enthusiasm.

The first lecture was on Starting on Linux by Arturo Medina. Arturo reviewed the history of the movement highlighting the Stallman movement, the philosophy, the linux kernel, the emphasis and differences on GNU and Linux, the benefits of FOSS and the ways in which people can contribute to FOSS projects and promote them.

Then was my turn, I talked to the audience about the Fedora project giving them an introduction to the project and explaining in particular what we do in Mexico. I also took some of the time to show to the audience some of the features of Fedora 10. In the previous lecture, the students asked many questions about how to do certain things on linux that they normally do in their current operating systems, so I wanted to seize my participation to show them how.

Then was the Hazzim Anaya’s turn. His lecture was based on OpenSolaris and he talked about the project, how it was born, its license, the differences with Solaris and the features included in the latest version.

I think this event really widened the perspective of the attendees on FOSS. They expressed that they were very satisfied and we offered them to support their activities through out local LUG

The principal at kick-off

A view of the audience

Arturo Medina at his presentation, the Fedora Banner in the back

Starting on Linux


/me being presented

Talking about the Fedora project


At the demo

Hazzim Anaya on OpenSolaris

More on OpenSolaris

Modeling the FreeBSD Swag

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