Festival GNU 08

The Festival GNU 08 took place on October 2nd-4th ’08 at the University of Chihuahua. It was a 3 day event that included conferences around the Free and Open Source Software movement with a particular approach in the community and México.

I have divided my report into 4 categories, each one with its own page, explanation and pictures.

  • Day Two
    • Sandino Araico – Sandino Networks
    • Alejandro Acosta – Fedora
    • Alvaro López – Cherokee
  • Day Three
    • Richard Stallman – Free Software Foundation

As a personal conclusion I believe this event has been a big success. Our expectations were exceeded and we received nothing but the warmest gestures of gratitude, appreciation and fraternal cooperation.  Along these, the best think I could get was to witness and experience how much these young fellows treasure and respect what you have to say to them, it wouldn’t be arrogant to say that they even enjoyed it.

Another personal satisfaction I got was to help our common purpose of spreading the voice of our great project, as well as adding more and more Fedora followers by showing to these enthusiastic young people that free software is a great option for their community and Fedora can really make a difference.

This is my first event as a Fedora Ambassador and I must say that I was invited, I was not involved directly in the organization. Any comment or suggestion would be very appreciated to improve further events.

Special thanks to my fellow ambassadors and participants at Fedora project who supported me with advices and resources. Rodrigo (Brazil), Rahul (India), Nicu (Romania) and Juan Manuel (México), and thanks to everyone of you Fedorians for your enthusiasm.

Now that I started, I can not wait for the next Festival !!!

Viva Fedora !!!

One Response to Festival GNU 08

  1. Hola Alex!!! No sabes lo feliz que me siento de que hayas percibido de esa manera el evento, como bien dices superó las expectativas, es un honor para nosotros que hayas sido parte de esto, quiero decirte que he tenido excelentes comentarios acerca de tu conferencia, la gente esta entusiasmada, y que crees?? Estoy usando la playera de Fedora y la gente se interesa por saber que es, es genial!!!

    No sabía que este fue tu primer evento como Embajador de Fedora, pero déjame decirte que has iniciado de una manera excelente, muchisisimas felicidades!!!!

    Un abrazote….

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